Alpine Sound Philosphy

Alpine ID is Alpines philosophy to achieve the ideal listening experience through sound imaging. In order to create the perfect sound stage, Alpine focuses on engineering optimized system components that work together to allow users to perceive the location of each instrument and vocalist during the studio recording session, thereby letting the listener experience the music as it was intended by the artist. The vehicles environment makes it difficult to experience a realistic sound stage. Alpine ID addresses these challenges by creating a new benchmark for in-vehicle sound performance, with a focus on these areas:

Amplifier Phase Shift and Damping Factor: Phase shift affects the arrival time of sound frequencies, resulting in an unnatural sound stage. The new Alpine ID products have an unprecedented high damping factor for maximum electrical control of speakers to prevent distortion, with minimum phase shift for ideal imaging.

Speaker Detail and Dynamics: A wide frequency response is necessary to reproduce the upper harmonics that translate to musical detail, depth of image and other spatial cues. Leading edge cone materials and linearized high magnetic motor strength are utilized in order to reproduce a new level of realism. Subwoofer Localization: Subwoofers with high THD (total harmonic distortion) are easy to localize in the vehicle, resulting in poor imaging. In order to increase output while reducing THD and maximizing transient response, the new subwoofers have increased control throughout the entire power range.

Alpines top-of-the line X-Series of amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers are the first products redesigned to meet the Alpine ID spec. They are built from the ground up and designed to be used together to achieve the best sound imaging. Alpines R-Series and S-Series products will be rebuilt to the Alpine ID spec over the next few years, so products from all three series will eventually have a sound imaging DNA identified as unmistakably Alpine.

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